June 22, 2018
1 Year, 1 Month and 2 days since
our Reunion.

Friday, June 22, WARM-UP MIXER, $35, 5pm-8.30pm
A festive opening event. Music by JFK's ISLAND MIST and Jeff Seager 74. Serving an assortment of mini platters, hot/cold hors d'oeuvres, empanadas and more.

Saturday, June 23, GALA DINNER DANCE, $89, 6pm-Midnite.
Gala Event features JFK 70s dance band BREEZIN, Guam Senator/singer Louisa Borja Muna. 3 plated dinner choices. Ticket includes custom bag and keepsake HS yearbook photo badge. Scheduled class photo sessions, auction fundraiser, alumni arts/crafts and class memorabilia.

Sunday, June 24, Family Brunch and Prayer, $49, 11am-3 pm. Tribute to departed alumni, music by JFK's ISLAND MIST. Added performances by Jeff Seager and Ukulele Prodigy, Ryan Imamura. "Americana" Buffet with Salmon, Beef, Chicken varieties, Salads, Fruit Bowls and more.

Friday, June 22, Open Top Las Vegas Lights Bus Tour, $49, 9-11 pm.

An evening tour through the Las Vegas Strip with a stop at the Fremont Street Experience. We'll wear our included JFK T-shirts in a raucous tour for the ages. Only 65 seats available.

Daily, June 22-24,  Zumba  Energizer, $10, 9am-10.30am. The antidote to worn feet. Led by fitness masters, Bing Cajuelan and Amy Rey Flores. Discover your "Fountain OF Youth" in a family friendly event for beginners and up.

To Be Announced - Individual Class Break-Out Event.
Bond with your batch classmates between scheduled major events. Check early with your class rep for optional activities.


Proceeds shall add value to the reunion and support our renovation of the JFK Statue and Plaza in time for the campus 60th anniversary in 2020.

Exhibits may include work by Roy Tabora 75, Pauletta Chanco 76, Ron Miranda 77, Monica Baza 82, Pat Barro 77, Melissa Llamas 77, Gordon Macaraeg, Alex Llamas 79, Julian Briola 72 and others.

All acclaimed with many works exhibited in fine museums worldwide. Islander artists are icons in Hawaii, California and Guam.


Trust us, we did the work and got you the super deal. Why go anywhere else? The action begins and ends here.The room reservation system at our hosting venue, the Tuscany Hotel is now "LIVE".

Call directly at 1-877-TUSCAN1 and mention "JFK Guam" to get the Islander rate of $75 or $129 - double occupancy - available the 6 evenings of June 20-25. Only first night card payment required.

Cancellation policies are very liberal. Preview hotel at http://www.tuscanylv.com/.

These are HUGE rooms at 650 Sq.Ft., officially sleep up to 4 and can pack 10-15 should you host a party with living, dining, fridge and coffee maker. Islander Bonus - NO hotel resort fees, FREE internet and parking.


    1970 to 1986 Class Reps
Your reunion journey begins with them. They have the news and scoop for all the major activities and break out events (if any) for your respective class.

1970 - Erlinda Jimenez, Evelyn Rasalan, Lucy Ganaden
1971 - Steven Thomas, Josephine Presa
1972 - Julian Briola, Fred Hagenbeek, Ginger Sapp Underwood
1973 - Rick Peralta, Linda Casimiro
1974 - Lex Puno, Sheri Barnes, Robert Jansen, Rick Gomba
1975 - Myrna Vega, Melody Tengco, Eddie Cruz
1976 - Bobbie Paulino, Deli Mabini, David Punzalan
1977 - Dionella Tanallon, Janet Duenas, Edna Luna, Nance Eral
1978 - Lou Azul, Rebecca Samson
1979 - Cil Duenas, Judith Borja, Vivian Scharff, Darla Golveo
1980 - Emilie Smau, Tracy Colburn, Estrella Macan, Erlinda Ungos
1981 - Flor Vega, Jana Capistrano, Marcy Duenas, Rose Delos Reyes
1982 - Emily Gajo, Paul Kuntz
1983 - Doris Malinao, Tina Casimiro
1985 - Margaret Eral
1986 - Melzee Corbilla

Houston... We have a problem.

We need a new JFK Statue to replace the bronze original damaged by time and the elements. Its been 10 plus years and the window is fast closing.

We call upon our generation of 70s/80s Islanders to jointly support a Guam based group led by 60s alumni in raising funds. We need at least 25K for a new statue and 25K for base/foundation reconstruction. Government is an unlikely option.

Thanks in part to social media, alumni have been rediscovered in the mainland. Together, we can make this a reality in time for our alma mater 60th graduating class in 2020 during a special unveiling ceremony, concurrent with a homecoming reunion.

Let's help restore this symbol of our lslander Legacy for the benefit of future generations. It's our calling. Let's do it.

Donate at this link >>http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/3/donate.htm

JFK T-SHIRTS /Be a 2018 Reunion Donor

Your $35 donation gets you a pair.
Your $100+ donation gets you a pair and makes you a published Donor or Sponsor.

We'll send you our gift, a pair of L/XL JFK T-shirts with express USPS insured shipping.

Like before, we've made it EASY. Go on-line to this web link - http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/3/donate.htm.

Proceeds support travel and overhead, lower ticket prices and allow us to donate to our targeted charity - Restoration of JFK Statue in time for our Alma Mater 60th anniversary in 2020. 

VIDEO - JFK 2016 Mega Reunion, San Diego

For those attending their first JFK Mega Reunion or have discovered us for the first time, we'd like to share this special 50 minute video from the 2016 San Diego Mega Reunion that will give you a preview of what to expect in Las Vegas, 2018.

Thanks to Maggie Stein, Eddie Cruz and others for this labor of love. These events are something to cherish and share for many, many years.

615 JFKers + 185 Guests (not listed)

1966- 1 Victor Basa
1967- 1 Teresita Eclavea 
1968- 3 Connie Aldan, May Evangelista, Randy Logan
1969- 2 Abe Lafrades, Frances Antonio
1970- 8 Romulo Nicholas, Madelyn Martin, Victorina Aldan, Frank Leal, Elaine White, Erlinda Jimenez, Lucy Ganaden, Evelyn Rasalan.

1971- 18 Art Apilado, Leslie Kerr, Miriam Lorenzo, Nestor Foronda, Chris Aquino, Ernie Florig, Cathy King, Bobbie Cruz, Leticia Antonio, Lydia Suelo, Jackie Sanders, Jennifer White, Elizabeth Hernando, Teresita Guerrero, David Pesquira, Josefina Presa, Steven Thomas, David Iriarte.

1972- 24 Howard Duff, Jane Palomo, Rose Miranda, Michael Cultrera, Rudy Wusstig, Virgilio Santos, Joseph A Duenas, Marsha Mace, John San Nicolas, Elma DeVera, Norma Suelo, Christine Diaz, Ed Costiniano, Percis Alfelor, Karen Hoover, Agueda Corbilla, Joseph P Duenas, Erwin Wusstig, Richard Fejerang, Zeny Servino, Lillian Casimiro, Bernardita Leal, Fred Hagenbeek, Ed Budano

1973- 20 Bobby Bagaporo, Elvie Panganiban, Erlinda Cortez, Edgar Malinao, Roland Taitano, Harry Samayo, Thomas Aguon, Julie Tajalle, Kent Applegate, Peter Benavente, Arnie Arizanga, Tina Antonio, Cris Audije, Elvira Patague, Ric Peralta, Linda Casimiro, Joe Nangauta, Greg Baza, Ana Cruz Aldan, Constante Leal

1974- 57 Lorayne McGovern, Summer Brasuel, Linda Flores, Erlinda Estavillo, Barbara Benavente, Lourdes Benavente, Ed Blas, Barbara Perez, Frank Florig, Fiorfina Tirona, Debbie Marriott, John A Benavente, Eutemio Espina, Martina Guerrero, Vince Martinez, Aurora Cabrera, Donna Rios, Josephine Fajardo, Marvelou Velasco, Frank Mantanona, Cynthia Diaz, Delia Valdez, Josephine Guerrero, Willie Rapadas, Mario Distor, Linda Marion, Mert Blancaflor, Tony Nangauta, Gloria Duenas, Maurice Oliver, Villamor Santiago, Robert Jansen, Romeo Ouano, Rick Gomba, Sherri Barnes, Kin Fejeran, Butch Paeste, Rose Guimarey, Mina Diaz, Flora Asombrado, Carmen Cruz, Elaine Casimiro, Alex Puno, Jeff Seager, Janice Waller, Nellie Malinao, Dan Lalimar, Fe Sabando, Doris Presa, Hank Dacanay, Franklin Alfelor, Marlene Guerra, Maxine Allen, Phil Tydingco, Rebecca Chang, Angel Calugay, Sarah Thomas.

1975- 28 Dave Perez, Debbie Sneary, Barbara Dillingham, Noemi Nunez, Cora Umayam, Dita Tirona, Annie San Agustin, Tess Richardson, Lerma Presto, Bobbie Torre, Jesse Sablan, Emily Alarcio, Jasmin DeJesus, Lolita Leon Guerrero, Elvie Soriano, Eddie Cruz, Peter Salas, Natti Ungos, Myrna Vega, Melody Waters, Millie Florig, Mark Soriano, Vicki Sanders, Joe Hui, Lori Ige, Tom Cochran, Nelson Malacas, Ron Corcuera

1976- 71 Elvira Jose, Aurelio Marquez, Noel Presa, Carolyn Dionida, Becky Quijano, Mario Parchamento, Liz DeJesus, Marilou Lampa, Norma Vida, Joan Tongson, Pacita Fernandez, Kalani Tai, Luisa Leon Guerrero, Tony Diaz, Cil Baza, Paul Santos, Felix Avellana, Conrado Legaspi, Beth Bacod, Lena Perez, Kim Raddatz, Chris Tinoso, Josephine Ayson, Berni Torralba, Roni Borja, Grace Malinao, Richard Punzalan, Jerry Tropel, Jocelyn Nacional, Merufe Valdez, Hector Aguilo, Tami Pierce, Vivian Eusebio, Anthony Fejeran, Franco Parchamento, Dorita Cabral, Lawrence Laguana, Simeon Cabrera, Dely Mabini, David Punzalan, Jecelyn Payba, Irma Fernandez, Linda Basa, Freddie Eugenio, Tess Martin, Judy Eral, Prody Pascacio, Evita Distor, Elizabeth Layao, Vicky Patron, Edgar Mendoza, Juanita Paet, Shirley Juan, Wesley Sison, Lillian San Agustin, Rita Benavente, Sally Caguin, Frances Garrido, Jesse Tano, Frank Hui, Roland Alfelor, Enrico Valencia, Jude Parel, Brill Paet, Bobbie Paulino, Marcos De Jesus, Terry Lyons, Tom Marion, Teresa Soriano, Hector Ponce, Elvira Mendoza

1977- 48 Diana Gutierrez, Geraldine Flores, Dori Nicholas, Marisa Taladoc, Celeste Gutierrez, Mike Azul, Oscar Rinon, Jerome Calubaquib, Nersty Corcuera, Mary Farrell, John Dirvanowski, Juben San Nicolas, Ruben Maningding, Arlene Alagar, Lerma Aquino, Arlene Vallejos, Marinette Magallanes, Bonnie Snyder, Nilo Vega, Alfred Matias, Winston Perez, Denise Chargualaf, Ross Paeste, Sylvia Atalig, Joseph Iglesias, Victor Pangelinan, Bren Basa, Efren Llarenas, Edna Luna, Narcisa Eral, Tina Leal, Jerome Capistrano, Patti Ungos, Lou Cruz, Dionella Tanallon, Julius Fernandez, Ron Miranda, Janet Duenas, Melissa Llamas, Jamie Reinke, Milgrace Alarcio, Frank San Nicolas, Lisa Caso, Pat Barro, Josie Fortuna, Wilfredo Martinez, Diana Duenas, Maria Delos Reyes

1978- 52 Fred Estano, Bernie Cabreros, Liz Caguin, Minlin Hsieh, O'Kim Lee, Rick Gomez, Rich Sengebau, Maria Hernandez, Susan Esguerra, Alex Adriano, Dolly Leyva, Susie Estrada, Zenaida Aguilar, Godfred Demandante, Eleanor Duenas, Lorenzo Legaspi, Billy Thomas, Reynold Palaganas, Chris De Jesus, Lillian Florig, Loreto Vitor, Marisa Anat, Vangie Esplana, Raymond Jansen, Dolores Valencia, Marlene Pascua, Alvin Pangelinan, Lynn Golveo, Marcia Basa, Jina Payba, Rebecca Samson, Randolph Juan, Lourdes Azul, Eddie Vega, Didi Pangilinan, Frank Cruz, Edward Bamba, Lori Wilhite, Randy Dasalla, Laura Viegas, Elaine Payumo, Ruby Navarro, Linda Garcia, Linda Deniega, Angelino Patubo, Nhel Tolentino, David Lee, Mercy Adriano, Josieline Pasaoa, Yon Chu Choe, Rey Ablaya, Noel Aguilo.

1979- 27 Pauline Mendiola, May Ovalles, Paul Borja, Therese Morta, Raymond Fernandez, Leo Demandante, Carlo Demandante, Aura Medina, Sane Cabral, Jennett Estrada, Brigitte Eay, Michael Limtiaco, Nenita Catuncan, Ron Ramos, Melinda Aquai, Val Miran, Irene Fejeran, Christina Schinske, Jose Sabas, Myrna Leal, Agnes Domondon, Rey Flores, Judith Borja, Bertha Casimiro, Darla Golveo, Gregory Iglesias, Cil Duenas

1980- 58 Kathy Palileo, Jean Martinez, Daisy Abueg, Sallie Toves, Jackie Corcuera, Maria Esperanza Ong, Rose Raquel, Toby Ahrens, Karen Eay, Dennis Gee, David Rodriguez, George Kaliangara, Ben Blas, Lily Aquino, Jean Martinez, Peter Ablaya, Sonia Manundo. Nosh Rivera, Ray Angeles, Teresa Mendoza, Nani Aquai, Gene Esguerra, Martha Fejeran, Fred Cepeda, Ken Carter, Vivian Mendiola, Jesse Lumbo, Nathaniel Martinez, Ali Dimag, Valeriana Basa, Miriam Alajar, Chester Jose, Theresa Redilla, Violet Basa, Brenda Doton, Peter Mafnas, Romeo Ramos, Edwin Cadag, Juliet Busante, Estrella Macan, Emilie Smau, Liberty Distor, Gaudencia Basa, Catherine Salazar, Kathryn Jefferson, Cielo De Los Reyes, Erlinda Ungos, Tracy Colburn, Jenny Sabares, Connie Mercader, Danny Bautista, Ron Sanarez, Franz Toves, Isagani Nocon, Ed Garcia, Cathy Camero, Janille Jamero, Pamela Prince

1981- 72 Mark Cruz, Ernie Vibar, Truly Ani, Joe Flores, Digna Antolin, Carol Estrada, Jesily Borromeo, Art Metra, Paul Metra, Marilyn Cruz, Alvie Fernandez, Venus Belin, Crispina Rubrico, Susan Sandoval, Philip Laygo, Antonia Quetallas, Andrew Guerrero, Bernie Saymo, Ron Busante, Nena Leal, Marilou Marquez, Sandi Lopez, Dante Dagdagan, Anita Prieto, Victoria Gander, Gary Solivar, Carly DePeralta, Eloy DeJesus, Haydee Malacas, Kris Ahn, Liza Ando, Val Watkins, Ernie Cabo, Edi Manuel, David Guerrero, Maria Bartonico, Ellen Legaspi, Janet Orallo, Ron Delgado, Florence Miran, Mary Marion, Benilda Legaspi, Rebecca Mayo, Minerva Sabas, Joseph Camacho, Prudencio Aguilo, Merilyn Bautista, Sergio del Banco, Josie Vida, Jusith Amparo, Gernanie Santiago, Flor Vega, Evangeline Marquez, Maria Rapadas, Terry Alferos, Rose Delos Reyes, Patrick Iglesias, Josephine Carreon, Eleonor Casim, Marlou Badajos, Denny Waters, Arlene Sotic, Ken Castro, Jana Capistrano, Bing Cajuelan, Erlinda Lafrades, Arthur Prince, Bobbie Taitano, Pam Arroyo, Lou Buenavides, Marnie Sablan, Marie Leon Guerrero.

1982- 60 Cleofe Carlos, Tony Francia, Marivic Raquel, George Solivar, Marlene Aquino, Sandra Del Rosario, John Blas, Theresa Cardinas, Nadia Vitkovitsky, Lorna Malinao, Mark Ha, Lorie Aninzo, Jerrie Calaunan, Mayflor Sabares, Robert Dino, Frank Corcuera, David Rosario, Luzminda Cruz, Gloria Brasuel, Gina Thompson, Mike Blas, Peter Camacho, Nieva Bautista, Ben Estano, Vanessa Tenoyan, Roel Merigallano, Lucille Recella, Rose Agustin, Liberty Aglibut, Mia Hogan, Mariliza Caliboso, Christopher Saymo, Gloria Tabilas, Michelle Diego, Alicia Dolatre, Rose Bartonico, Thea Mabunay, Doris Arriola, Bernice Hartzler, Rose Ann Techaira, Elsie Cruz, Liza Blaz McPartland, Lynne Peryon, Fleur de Peralta, Wesley Edelo, Arlene Sison, Nerissa Sabas, Angelina Antonio, Art Palaganas, Emily Gajo, Annie Diaz, Paul Kuntz, Frances Cinco, Wilma Leal, Beth Fernandez, Zeny Pasion, Josie Corbilla, Walter Schubert, Helen Palad, Emily Natividad

1983- 34 Jo Ann Caculitan, Karen Serrano, Alex Arizala, Julie Camaganacan, Gina Herrera, Charles Ecret, Melanie Natividad, Mike Harrison, Eugene Diego, Ranilo Hirang, Marivic Puno, Robert Estrada, Chris Aquino, Jane Taladoc, Alex Doton, Randy Pacheco, Mathew Quinata, Richard Esplana, Claire Golveo, Joseph Estrada, Christine Casimiro, John Iglesias, John Taitano, Mariano Indalecio, Doris Malinao, Viola Payumo, Aneld Anub, Cynthia Martin, Jesse Dahilig, Art Penaflor, Elvyn Malacas, Thelma Dadivas, Howard Markley, Minerva Tendido

1984 - 4 Vilma Dancel, Donna Cruz, Mark Corbilla, Diane Basa
1985 - 9 Dinah Fortaleza, Elma Dadivas, Mary Jane Tejano, Lea Malinao, Eva Solivar, Margaret Eral, Teresa Quiogue, Allan Domondon, Tess Vega.

1986 - 11 Tess Agustin, Anna Ulloa, Peter Zapanta, Michelle Niblack, Mary Ann Bartonico, Emelda Corbilla, Noria Malacas, Louisa Borja Muna, Bernie Fernandez, Minerva Deliquina, Celia Eligio.

1987 - 2 Emma Corbilla, Evelyn Villagomez
1988 - 4 Ida Solivar, Emma Budano, Lorraine Unchangco, Raymond Magat
1989 - 1 Vilma Estudillo
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