June 11, 2016
7 months and 11 days since
our Reunion.

JFK TEE SHIRTS - In time for the holidays and beyond!

Support our JFK Mega Reunions - 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Your $35 donation does it.

In appreciation, we'll send you our gift, a pair of L/XL JFK T-shirts with express USPS insured shipping included.

The same T-shirts seen in 2016 San Diego's event. As an added bonus, while supplies last, we'll throw in an exquisite JFK logo mouse pad.

Like before, we've made it EASY. Go on-line to this web link or click "Your Kind Donations" on the left top menu.  http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/3/donate.htm

Proceeds go to our general funds.. and tells us our self funded volunteer work is valued. Thanks again and we'll see you in the 2018 Mega Reunion.


We are pleased to finally receive and share this special 50 minute video.

Thanks to Maggie Stein, Eddie Cruz and others for this labor of love.

Something to cherish and share for many, many years.


ON BEHALF of the all volunteer teams, I wish to express our deepest thanks to the attendees of the 2016 JFK Mega Reunion, San Diego.

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect 470 attendees on Gala night as we went on hyper drive in the closing weeks to make it work.

Likewise, all the other 3 supporting events were sold out - events that we could not expand. Our apologies to those who could not buy tickets.

All things considered, we are confident that you feel,  as we do,  that we still delivered the JFK Experience with a boatload of  FUN and  hopeful that we exceeded your expectations.

As it is only proper, allow me to thank the TEAM. A solid core of visionaries:

- Eddie Cruz 75,  Dionella Tanallon 77, Maggie Stein 76, Bobbie Paulino 76, Edna Luna 77, Nancy Eral 77, Lourdes Aguon 77, Ruben Maningding 77, Lou Azul 78 and Vivian Scharff 79 - 

In the absence of big time sponsors, they put in the time, risks and resources. For us, mediocrity nor failure was not an option.

My thanks to this next group of selfless pros:

- Janice Waller 74, Tess Richardson 75, Myrna Vega 75,  Linda Perez 75, Janis Jolly 76,  Roland Alfelor 76 Carlos Mangonon 76, Grace Malinao 76, Lawrence Laguana 76, Ron Miranda 77,  Pat Barro 77, Mary Farrell 77, Mike Azul 77, Julius Fernandez 77,  Geri Flores 77, Edie Aguon 77, Darlene Lujan 77, Josy Fortuna 77, Jerome Capistrano 77, Bobbie Borja 77, Rick Gomez 77, Julz Cruz 77, Ed Alvarez 78, Maria Brown 78, Francis Cruz 78, Mike Quinata 78,  Kuulei Tavares 78, Didi Pangelinan 78, Lynn Golveo 78;  Miriam Capistrano 79, Darla Golveo 79; Louisa Borja Muna 85 and the many unnamed JFKers who staffed the tables and set up operations.

In closing, I regret not making greetings and personal contact to many attendees. Perhaps, someday soon, we can make it so. WHY? Because reunions can provide NEW and renewed relationships - a shared resource to further enrich our lives.

The ISLANDER WAY - may she continue to live and prosper in each of us.

Si Yuus Maase

Wesley Sison - Chair, 2016 JFK Guam Mega Reunion, San Diego.


I must confess that I,  and many others in the team have realized substantial financial obligations to deliver THE JFK EXPERIENCE. IF you can gladly do so, help us with a donation.

Nevermind the hundreds of hours - we gladly work  for FREE. We have ZERO sponsors - perhaps next time. But we had to bankroll it, maintain high value because you're worth it.

Your donation can be sent online to this link http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/3/donate.htm

Other options to send help will be there.

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