June 11, 2016
3 months and 15 days since
our Reunion.

JFK items on this unique gift set. 2016 Reunion Surplus Merchandise. A super deal for all (plus, you'll help us get in the black :).

And like before, we've made it easy on line with your $35 donation (and yes, shipping/handling is included).

- 2 100% cotton T-shirts (green/white), (large or XL only)
- 1 canvass multi-color tote bag
- 1 fabric multi-color baseball cap
- 2 extra thick 8' round foam color JFK mouse pads
- 3 large JFK color luggage tags
- 1 JFK plastic sport bottle or 1 non woven JFK Tote bag

Yes, you may donate more to get extra sets (For example: $70 donation gets 2 gift sets, $105 donation gets 3 gift sets). No requests for individual pieces or special orders please.

Please enter recipients name and the shipping address in the message/comment box. Expect to receive merchandise via USPS in 7 to 14 days. If you have questions, call text at 916-671-0151. Thank you for your support. To donate and receive your gift set, click and scroll down > http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/3/donate.htm


We are pleased to finally receive and share this special 50 minute video.

Thanks to Maggie Stein, Eddie Cruz and others for this labor of love.

Something to cherish and share for many, many years.


ON BEHALF of the all volunteer teams, I wish to express our deepest thanks to the attendees of the 2016 JFK Mega Reunion, San Diego.

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect 470 attendees on Gala night as we went on hyper drive in the closing weeks to make it work.

Likewise, all the other 3 supporting events were sold out - events that we could not expand. Our apologies to those who could not buy tickets.

All things considered, we are confident that you feel,  as we do,  that we still delivered the JFK Experience with a boatload of  FUN and  hopeful that we exceeded your expectations.

As it is only proper, allow me to thank the TEAM. A solid core of visionaries:

- Eddie Cruz 75,  Dionella Tanallon 77, Maggie Stein 76, Bobbie Paulino 76, Edna Luna 77, Nancy Eral 77, Lourdes Aguon 77, Ruben Maningding 77, Lou Azul 78 and Vivian Scharff 79 - 

In the absence of big time sponsors, they put in the time, risks and resources. For us, mediocrity nor failure was not an option.

My thanks to this next group of selfless pros:

- Janice Waller 74, Tess Richardson 75, Myrna Vega 75,  Linda Perez 75, Janis Jolly 76,  Roland Alfelor 76 Carlos Mangonon 76, Grace Malinao 76, Lawrence Laguana 76, Ron Miranda 77,  Pat Barro 77, Mary Farrell 77, Mike Azul 77, Julius Fernandez 77,  Geri Flores 77, Edie Aguon 77, Darlene Lujan 77, Josy Fortuna 77, Jerome Capistrano 77, Bobbie Borja 77, Rick Gomez 77, Julz Cruz 77, Ed Alvarez 78, Maria Brown 78, Francis Cruz 78, Mike Quinata 78,  Kuulei Tavares 78, Didi Pangelinan 78, Lynn Golveo 78;  Miriam Capistrano 79, Darla Golveo 79; Louisa Borja Muna 85 and the many unnamed JFKers who staffed the tables and set up operations.

In closing, I regret not making greetings and personal contact to many attendees. Perhaps, someday soon, we can make it so. WHY? Because reunions can provide NEW and renewed relationships - a shared resource to further enrich our lives.

The ISLANDER WAY - may she continue to live and prosper in each of us.

Si Yuus Maase

Wesley Sison - Chair, 2016 JFK Guam Mega Reunion, San Diego.


I must confess that I,  and many others in the team have realized substantial financial obligations to deliver THE JFK EXPERIENCE. IF you can gladly do so, help us with a donation.

Nevermind the hundreds of hours - we gladly work  for FREE. We have ZERO sponsors - perhaps next time. But we had to bankroll it, maintain high value because you're worth it.

Your donation can be sent online to this link http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/3/donate.htm

Other options to send help will be there.




After the numerous late night pre event parties over the last few days, we approach our first reunion event - WARM UP MIXER, opens at 3 pm, TIO CHINO's Chamorro fusion restaurant. Exclusively ours till 1 am. Your $12 ticket gets you an authentic Chamorro platter. Come join the FUN!

SPECIAL HOTEL SHUTTLE - (up to 17 passengers per trip) has been arranged to shuttle Crowne Plaza Hotel guests and ALL attendees on the following schedule:
5 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM, 11PM - ($1 or $2 gratuity per trip is requested)

For this opening event, we may feature alumni entertainment with Lawrence Laguana 76, Louisa Muna 85, Janice Waller 74 and her band "ISLAND MIST".
So head on down... GO ISLANDERS GO !!

For those with cars, TIO CHINOS is at 3334 ROSECRANS St. SAN DIEGO.

FINAL CALL ... REUNION UPDATED (June 7, 2016) - With but a few days to go, we are quickly approaching our maximum load capacities to all 4 major events.

The Saturday Gala Dinner Event (476 MAX) is SOLD OUT.

The Saturday Prayer Breakfast Event (155 seats max) is SOLD OUT.

The Friday Warm Up Event has 3 seats available (250 max)

The Sunday Picnic Buffet has 5 seats available (250 max)

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect this level of attendance and we thank you for your interest and support. ISLANDERS ROCK!

Note that we have expanded the Saturday Gala event by offering OUTDOOR seats using the semi open patio area of the ballroom.

Weather should be wonderful this time of year and for some, these OUTDOOR seats may be preferable but there are NO guarantees. A transfer to an adjacent function room will occur if needed. 

Unfortunately, there will be NO walk-in sales to ANY of the events scheduled.

At this time, promises and intentions to attend (going lists posted) shall defer to those who have paid for their tickets. If you have paid for your tickets, you are all set.

If you are interested in attending, get available tickets NOW by visiting our website www.jfkguamreunion.com. You may also call or text at 916-671-0151 if you have questions. GO ISLANDERS!

REUNION UPDATES - Seating for 476

For the Saturday Gala Dinner event, sections of the ballroom will be designated in class clusters as ushering teams "try to steer" alumni and their guests to certain areas. That way, most can be seated among their peers and near the next years classmen.

There will be some overlap (i.e. some tables could have a mix of 72/73 or 76/77 or 81/82 alumni). We encourage and expect free flowing movement immediately after the sit down dinner.

There will be other exceptions and we ask for your understanding. We will try our best.
For outdoor patio seating (not shown in chart), there will be 8 tables of 10 seats located to the right of this chart. It shall have quick access to the ballroom via a pair of twin double doors that remain open as needed. In short, we'll have up to 41 tables of 476 attendees.

The other 3 events (warm up, prayer and Sunday picnic) will be open, first come - first serve seating.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


1. The word is out as we trend towards a complete sell out of all 4 major events. Sorry, but there will be no walk-in event purchases. Tickets are still available on-line at this link >> http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/3/online_payment.htm

2. Over 80 percent of alumni, part of the 218 who attended the first Mega Reunion in San Francisco, 2014 are expected to return and join the 400 plus projected in San Diego.

TRENDING - All 4 original JFK classes - 75 to 78 - are increasing their numbers for San Diego as we now include class 79 among the hosts.

3. REUNION Events highlights - All Alumni and family volunteers for entertainment, support, design and production includes 3 JFK Music Bands, cultural dance group, photography, video, catering, reunion store, prayer services and events staffing.

An authentic and diverse JFK in-house production. Take pride, JFK as other nationwide high schools envy our "can do" ways!

4. Mini Reunions within the Mega Reunion -

We noticed many sibling gatherings - 5 or 6 deep, all JFK alumni. Our extended family beyond the 75 to 79 classes. We see it.- family, school bus, neighborhood, military, sports, school clubs, even parking lot graduates :) - all within the JFK umbrella.

5. Suggested Reunion Attire:

FRIDAY Mixer - 70's, Casual or Island Wear 
SATURDAY Prayer Breakfast - Casual or Island Wear (no flip-flops/shorts) 
SATURDAY Gala Dinner - 70's, Semi-Formal or Chic Island Wear with danceable shoes 
SUNDAY Buffet Picnic - Casual or Island Wear.

6. FREEBIES/Event Favors - Every Gala attendee gets one and may include JFK CUSTOMIZED tote bag, sport bottle, luggage tag, lanyard with HS laminated picture, computer mouse pad and framed group class picture.

7. MORE EVENTS PLANNED - Winery Tours and GOLF. As if 4 events (Mixer, Prayer, Gala and Picnic) over 3 days was not enough... Stay tuned for developments or contact your class reps.

Friday AM golf option planned led by Jude Parel 76 and Fred Arcaina 75.

Monday AM Temecula Wineries Bus Tour planned - Yes, Virginia - there are world class wineries in Southern California.

Saturday Noon - individual class focused events. See your class reps for details.

IF you have questions, feel free to contact your class rep/text at 916-671-0151.

Visit our 1 stop website for event tickets and complete info. >>http://www.jfkguamreunion.com/

We'll see you in San Diego!



We may add a GOLF option for Friday morning, 8.45 am, June 10. Admiral Baker Golf Course. 10 minutes from Crowne Plaza Hotel. 20 slots reserved, $34 with cart/military and $48 for guests.

Initiated by JFKers Fred Arcaina 75, Jude Parel 76, Alfred Conlu 77, Dubel Conlu 78, Oscar Rinon 77. Join us. Contact Jude Parel for details at 714-209-6317.

We are also planning a TEMECULA Valley Wine Tour for Monday, June 13. (Scroll below for details). Standby as we get closer.


And for those who have the extra time or can't get enough of the ISLANDER spirit, we'll plan a 6-7 hour "Party Bus" tour that includes a group picnic in a scenic park with boxed lunches featuring authentic Chamorro barbeque, empanadas, kelaguen and more.

We'll plan to visit 2 or 3 wineries in this increasing popular, historic and scenic region. Sign ups for this event will only be at REUNION Headquarters at the Crowne Plaza Hotel during the weekend of June 10-12.

Open to all including families/children. Pricing yet to be determined but is estimated to be $75 per person. (Boxed lunch included). Winery tours/tastings may be extra.


For a lot of us, we shall be seeing classmates for the first time in roughly 40 years. The challenge can be real and a bit awkward.

Not to worry, ...  we shall make every effort for EVERY JFK alumni attending events to have a laminated PICTURE NAME TAG in extra large print. Thank you, NANCE ERAL 77 and team for making this happen.

A great conversation piece and reunion keepsake for all JFKers.

FACULTY GUESTS - We arguably landed the coolest and hippest to join us in San Diego - Mike Musto!

STAY TUNED - visit us regularly here or on Facebook for the latest updates. Check out this website and all its features. GO ISLANDERS!

In the meantime, do you remember our JFK FIGHT SONG? (Click below picture to enlarge). 


Committees are composed of all volunteer alumni. Countless hours, travel and personal resources given to support this worthy project. We could use some help.

If you might consider doing so, take a moment to visit the "YOUR KIND DONATIONS" section of this website (TOP LEFT MENU).
2016 JFK 75-79 MEGA REUNION- San Diego, June 10-12

Lets meet again as we enter our retirement years. And if you were among the 220 plus with us in San Francisco in 2014, you will want to be in San Diego, where greater events are planned. Attend one or all the events. Its your choice.

For the "first timers", this will be a  defining milestone event. New memories await as we celebrate and reconnect.


We'll have 2 major weekend events - Saturday Dinner Dance and Sunday Family Picnic - with "live" dance music by JFK alumni groups - during an epic weekend emceed by JFKers Eddie Cruz and Louisa Borja-Muna.

And for our traveling alumni,  we've made it convenient and affordable with special room deals (up to 8 nights) from our venues host, The Crowne Plaza Hotel. 

You can do it all here - point and click - in this 1-stop website.

BREEZIN (with 2 JFK alumni) - returns to entertain us during the Saturday Gala Dinner Dance Event. 

We'll start early and let them play well past midnite..  If you haven't seen them before, you've been warned - they are that good! 70s/80s dance music, ballads and more.

BREEZIN features  JFKers, Ron Miranda 77 - Keyboards/Vocals and Francis Cruz 78 - Drums/Vocals.


JFKer LAWRENCE LAGUANA 76 - Guam based musician and educator. Lawrence has played individually and with bands in many of the great nightclubs and hotels in Guam for over 20 years.

In San Francisco, 2014, we teamed him up with JFKer LOUISE MUNA 84  - Guam based multi-media celebrity in radio, television and music. With great reviews -  they both return to San Diego, 2016 to share and expand their program in both the Saturday Gala and Sunday picnic events.
ISLAND MIST features JFKer and San Diego based Janice Waller 74. Janice showcases her musical talents in guitar and vocals as her group is scheduled to entertain us during the Sunday Islands Paella family picnic event.

Soothing ballads and love songs from the 70s/80s to present, cha cha and dance numbers.

ISLAND MIST has been selected to perform in FESTPAC, a Pacific Islands wide event hosted by Guam in May, 2016.
UNO HIT DANCE - Our JFK reunion is very much about our families and what better way to celebrate as we showcase the next generation of ISLANDERS.

Many UNO HIT members are our JFK alumni sons, daughters and relatives - helping to preserve Chamorro traditions in dance and music.

With ISLAND MIST, they share center stage during the Sunday Islands Family Paella Picnic.


THE 2016 SAN DIEGO PLANNING TEAM is committed to making the reunion DIVERSE in effort and in results.

And with your help in locating alumni, we can go for the widest reach possible. So feel free to SHARE this great news. 

We head to San Diego with great anticipation in a natural homecoming environment.

Perhaps, its the military ties as many former Guam residents now reside in greater San Diego and southwest population centers in LA, Las Vegas and Arizona.

CLASS 75 THRU 79 TEAMS - The 10 member Exec team gathered in early 2015 and began expanding resources to include Guam based contacts.

Consensus became a reality as sub teams from classes 75 to 79 were formed. The 5 class grouping allows both intimacy and size which makes it easier to gather brothers, sisters and relatives.  

The Reunion details - venue contracts, underwriting, hotel alumni rates - all accomplished EARLY to give alumni plenty of time to plan in advance.
Reunion Headquarters and host to the 2 signature weekend events.

Tropically themed, luxurious yet affordable, and centrally located with quick freeway access.

For our traveling alumni, we blocked a majority of the 48 ground floor rooms for only $109/night (double occupancy - 3rd and 4th are $10 extra each). In addition, FREE daily parking and complimentary shuttle to major destinations such as Old Town and San Diego Zoo. (OFFER EXPIRED MAY 20, 2016)

Resort facilities include Fitness center, pool, 14 person hot tub and Spa/massage services. For golfers, 27 hole RiverWalk Golf is steps away.

Special $109/night rates valid 8 nights, June 7 to 14, 2016. Limited availability. For hotel reservations, click>> http://https://aws.passkey.com/event/14018077/owner/3702/home
We got the BIGGEST venue for our Saturday, June 11, 2016 signature event. Indoor ballroom max capacity to 396 seats with dance floor and outdoor patio (extra 96 seats if needed).

Choice of 4 plated Champagne Toast dinners awaits with salad, rolls, dessert, coffee and tea service. Dinner music by JFKers Lawrence Laguana and Louisa Muna and Dance Music by JFK band BREEZIN

Our Sunday, June 12 event - Islands Family Paella Picnic Buffet- will be held at these spacious, tropically themed lawns and gardens. Max capacity to 250.

For decades,  a San Diego favorite for weddings and corporate events. Seafood Paella and other culinary delights shall be served.

TIO CHINO's shall host 2 of 4 reunion events - A unique family dining experience, a fusion of Chamorro, Mexican and Japanese cuisine.

WARM UP MIXER - Friday, June 10, 3pm-1am. 
We've got the whole venue exclusively and your ticket includes a special Chamorro platter featuring empanadas. barbecue, titiyas, kelaguen and more. Special Guam "Live music" to complement this special day.

PRAYER BREAKFAST - Saturday, June 11, 9am-11am
We gather to honor our deceased alumni in a non-denominational prayer service led by qualified JFK alumni.  Minister John Saison 77 is scheduled to lead. A TIO CHINO Chamorro fusion breakfast will be served.
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